We Want to Know You.

Boutique Agency

First off, what is a Boutique Agency? By definition a boutique is : “any small, exclusive business offering customized service”. Therefore a “boutique agency” is a small agency dedicated to high-end personal service. Why is a boutique agency like Sassy Talent, just what you are looking for?

If you are new to Vancouver or even new to the business what are the chances of getting picked up by the big five with their established roster of renowned talent? To be very honest, limited, not impossible but very unlikely. It’s the law of averages and in most cases the bigger, more established agencies have a formula of success and not everyone out there fits the formula.

You may be discovered by them, but you definitely have a legitimate shot with us. Sassy Talent doesn’t have a big roster and we prefer it that way. We work very closely with each of our clients to know them and understand them. We want you to know the direction you can follow from leading roles to quirky supporting gigs to product spokespeople in commercials. Everyone has their “want” list and “not-a-chance” list, and we’ll work with you to find out what that is.

There is as much of a process on your way to becoming a great actor as there is for becoming a great agent. The more we understand each other, the sooner we’ll both be great at what we do.

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