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This industry is exceptionally dynamic, always evolving and changing. As an actor, new or seasoned, your next audition could be the break you have been waiting for. 

Sassy Management is drawing on years of experience with industry professionals to give you the best chance of getting that opportunity.

Sassy Management

About us

Over the last 10+ years in the industry, I’ve run a successful talent agency, helped navigate my young daughter’s acting career, mentored, coached, and consulted countless actors and worked on-set in a producer capacity.

We are a film industry family. My husband also works as on-set crew in a variety of roles, is a screenwriter, and has extensive knowledge in virtual production. He runs the Reels on Wheels service based in Vancouver that offers mobile audition and demo filming.

Together we have collected and put a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience into practice, advising others on how to best navigate the complex and fast-moving entertainment industry.


Being a successful working actor is a highly sought-after goal for many! 

Utilize our services to set you apart and bring positive attention to your profile.

Increase Your Industry Knowledge

Learn How To Prepare

Get Noticed By Casting​

Have Polished And Relevant Materials

Film Rock-Star Auditions

Have Professional And Attention-Getting Demo Materials

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