Sassy Services

Sassy Talent Services

This industry is exceptionally dynamic, always evolving and changing. As an actor, new or seasoned, your next audition or self-tape could be the break you have been waiting for. 

Sassy Talent is drawing on years of experience with casting, production and actors to give you the best chance of getting that opportunity. 

Career Consultant


* Full Profile Audit
* career planning and goal setting
* roadmap for best success
* transparent delivery to agent/manager
* in-person or online sessions available

On-site Coaching


* mobile, on-site coaching for actors o all levels.
* experienced working with actors of all ages and abilities
* assist with last minute audition prep, or
* on-going coaching sessions.

On-site Self-Taping


* on-site coaching
* on-site mobile filming service
* professional reader
* editing and distribution to agent/manager
* last minute, short notice bookings available