So you want to be an actor and considering getting an agent. You probably have a million questions so we thought we’d outline the most asked ones right here in the FAQs. We hope that these clear some of the haze surrounding artist management for Film, TV and Commercial actors and pave the way to you asking us some of the other ones in your head.

Do I really Need an Agent?

Yes and no.The advantage to having an agent working for you is twofold. First you have an advocate and mentor to help you find the best roles for your career. Second, you have someone with a network of industry professionals, leaving you time to focus on what is important, your acting career!

What can I expect from Sassy Talent?

We will provide mentoring, networking, contract negotiations and booking services. In addition clear communication between you and the casting directors, directions to auditions and a comprehensive management of your online profile for the industry.

What forms of payment do you accept for your services?

There is no charge for our services up front, as a matter of Law it is illegal. Whether choosing Sassy Talent or another agency please note, you cannot be asked to pay fees for services.

How much are acting classes with Sassy Talent?

Sassy Talent is not an acting school. In British Columbia a talent agent cannot also be an acting school, according to the legislation mandate with the Ministry of Labour. If you feel you need classes there are many schools and private educators in Vancouver and we would be happy to help you research and find the best person for your needs.

I want to sign an agency contract but how long am I signing on for?

We offer an Standardized one (1) year contract to all our talent roster.The details will be outlined to you and we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have with this.

Do I get any say in the roles you submit me for?

Before we begin representing you, our artist, we will have a very clear idea of what roles you are comfortable with performing and what types of productions your talents will best be suited for. Also, before we submit you for any auditions we will consult with you to get final approval from you, our client.

Do I have any responsibilities or do I just sit back and wait for the roles to come in?

As an actor your responsibility is to maintain an updated portfolio of photographs, take any opportunity to have video and voice reels produced as well as network on your own behalf within the industry. Sassy Talent is managing your career and providing you the best opportunities, you must in turn manage yourself personally and proactively.

I’ve got all these great selfies on Facebook, why do I need a photographer?

Never underestimate the value of professional photographs in your portfolio. A photographer that specializes in ‘head shots’ for actors will be able to capture you and your personality far better than an arms-length photo taken on your phone at a nightclub or your living room. Remember; these images are the first impression you are giving a casting director who looks at hundreds of pictures a day.

How do I get paid and what do you get paid?

The terms and conditions are different for every production contract. Each production offers their own contract to the talent based on the role and the production’s budget. In most cases the production will pay the agency directly. The agency will take a standard percentage for services and pay the talent directly. The terms of this are outlined at the time you sign your contract for representation.

Do I need a lawyer, accountant or entourage now that I’m acting?

We encourage our talent roster to retain the services they can afford, be that legal and/or financial advice. It is never a bad idea to have legal counsel you can consult if you feel the need to. If you are able to retain and accountant it will make clear the benefits and liabilities to an acting career and how to properly account for income taxes both Federally and Provincially. An entourage is up to you, but we suggest you leave them at home when you go to an audition, those rooms can be crowded enough already.

As an actor, what are my legal rights in British Columbia?

This is the link the the Ministry of Labour, British Columbia. Specifically this link speaks to the legal rights and limitation of the agent/agency relationship and their clients and appropriate pratices. Please take the time to bookmark this site and refer back as often as you need. There are additional links provided on the page for more in depth information. We will be happy to address any questions you may have regarding the Ministry of Labour site and offer further sources of information if required..

I want to be a model, am I in the right place?

No, Sassy Talent does not represent models or the modelling industry.


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