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Sassy Talent is more than just a talent agency and with that our team is more than just talent agents. As a boutique style agency the roster is more than names on a list, they become family and with that Sassy is a family run organization with husband and wife team Marco and Serena Renna the founders. Their combined experience in business management, theatre and music brings a unique insight to the business that reaches far beyond just booking the talent but includes career development and mentoring along with a great cup of coffee over meetings.

Meet the Sassy Team:

Serena Renna - Founder, Agent, MentorSerena Renna – Founder, Agent, Talent Acquisition and Development
Serena is Sassy, literally! Serena has come full circle to launch this boutique agency from her start in the performing arts  more than 20 years ago. A graduate of VCC in Music and Voice, her focus was in piano and vocal. She went on to become a recording artist with the 90’s Trip-Hop group, Bitstream Dream recording several CDs and being featured on the compilation “The Women of Downtempo and Trip-Hop”. Her first foray into the talent development industry was as the assistant to a Vancouver talent agent some 20 years ago where she learned what it took to discover, develop and mentor actors for film, television and commercial work. From the agency she moved on to the video game industry enjoying 16 years of success as a producer, voice-over artist and finally executive in the gaming industry before changing her focus to become a mom. Fast forward a few years and realizing her daughter is showing signs of being another Shirley Temple, Serena found herself again knee-deep in the talent agency business managing a roster for a local agent and coming full circle to go out on her own to manage a roster of gifted and undiscovered talent for the resurgent Vancouver Film, Television and Commercial market.

Marco Renna Co-Founder and MarketingMarco Renna – Founder, Marketing, Web
Marco brings to the agency a background in marketing, media and music. He is the business “behind the scenes”, so to speak. His experience as a web and graphics designer, Photoshop expert and layout specialist serve the talent as we work to develop your personalities through images, print and a cohesive web presence. In addition, he has a vast and varied experience in business marketing and sales which gives him the knack to think outside the “artist” box and creatively solve a myriad of pitfalls. Finally, Marco was (at one time) an actor destined for the stages of Broadway and has in that pursuit gone through a lot of the rigours of auditioning and prepping for parts, character acting and musical theatre training. He also enjoyed a great deal of success as a self-promoted international DJ playing in nightclubs, large venues and private events in Canada, USA and Europe.


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