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Sassy Talent up and running!

Sassy Talent received their ministry license today, so we are up and running!

The first order of business will be signing talented performers to our roster. I’m eager to start working with actors to help build and shape their careers.

Here are a few suggestions for actors just starting out on what to expect…

1. A high level of dedication is required to be successful in this industry. Ensure you make yourself available for auditions and required meetings with your agent.
2. Always be punctual. To build a good reputation and ensure you are considered again in future, you need to be punctual. Research where you are going and how to get there – think about traffic, parking, etc. If you show up late, or are running late and don’t leave enough time to prepare, it will affect your audition.
3. Further to #2; leave time to prepare for the audition. Arrive early (at least 15-20 minutes) so that you can get yourself into character and calm any nerves you may have.
4. Expect to have a “day job” as well as pursuing your acting career. Acting will not likely pay your bills… especially at first, so you need to have a stable day job that will allow you to attend auditions and work when you are booked. Many actors find that working in the food and beverage industry allows them their days free and a flexible enough schedule.
5. Be prepared to take some acting classes or get private coaching. Everyone can use improvement and getting regular coaching will keep you sharp and motivated.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you are serious about pursuing an acting career. PLease contact us if you’re interested in representation.

Yours… Serena.

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