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Congratulations to Dale, Kent and Allesandro for their recent casting in a student film! Sassy sent 3 actors to audition, and all three received a part.

Further to that subject, I always encourage actors to audition for student films when they can and/or are able to. Though they almost always don’t offer any form of compensation, they can offer you quite a few benefits.

1. You can add them to your resume. Casting Directors will look at this as a form of good experience and if you’re just starting out, it’s the first item you can add to your film credits section!

2. You can work out a deal with the director and/or production on the film to utilize a portion of your performance for your demo reel. If you have a juicy part that really showcases your skills, this could be a great addition to your online casting website profiles.

3. They are a great learning tool. As mentioned previously, you may have managed to get a higher profile part and that will give you first-hand experience that you may not normally get while building your career as an actor.

4. It’s a great way to network. Those film students may go on to be successful professionals in the industry and your good impression and performance will always continue to benefit you.

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